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The Backwards Clock

Zia: But since she is in *** state shouldn’t she see clocks working backwards?
Me: I don’t know, is she aware of her state at that moment? And even if she is, should she really see it that way?
Marco: Well man it’s called *** so Zia is right, it should be that way.
Me: But I mean, the *** will show the time normally. Though it shows only GMT at the moment.
Zia: Well, from what I’ve heard and read so far, it goes like that. It should work backwards.
Me: Well, we’ll see if it is necessary. First, let me make a working wall clock.
Zia, Marco: Alright.

And so I did program a wall clock to work normally. And when I finally tested it…


I should probably get some sleep and stop working on this game for a few days….

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