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This internet is a place both abstract and interesting, full of empty and repetitive blogs, where unimportant people post their random rubbish and as a result completely ordinary and incidental people make unrelated comments.
It is a completely twisted system, destroying human relations from day to day, and wasting your time and making you unproductive.
Keep in mind that this blog is no different. While wasting your time in this forgotten stop of lost highway, enjoy reading a stranger’s pointless nonsense who will walk away from the edge of your life.

If you believed that this is going to illuminate your mind, you are dead wrong. This blog, as I explained above, is somewhere a stranger, who will not leave a mark in your life in any way, pushes his amazing inner world’s reflections, which people with no similar interests will see as nothing more than a piece of trash, from the edge of their nest just so they learn how to fly.

In general, since I am a computer engineer, game developer, writer, reader, programmer and a fine sir, or at least I am trying to be; also old-school gamer, cinephilia, fantastic-science fiction passionate and lots of this and that, what you will see in this blog will be ideas, products and criticisms related to these.
Since there were people who wanted to be writer here, I need to tell this, this place is completely mine and I do not intend to share.

At last, but not least, this place is Tanshaydar’s (my) place. So don’t forget that I am the host and you are the guest; but don’t hesitate to feel home. If I could be of any help, I’ll be glad.

Enjoy your stay.

Verba Volant, Scripta Manent

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