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White Night

White NightWhat if one day you wake up without any memories of your own, in a hospital room, as a patient?
What would you believe?
Or more importantly,
who would you believe?

What would you do about the possibility of having these personal memories, you believed that was your very own up until now, turning out someone else’s?

White Night will keep you on your toes until the end, a slow burn psychological drama.
In a story of thrill and tension, where no one is innocent, all names and memories are of no importance.

Are you ready for our session today? Don’t worry, I’m here to heal your mind.

Best Single Player Mod of 2011, White Night is now a book. Unfortunately it’s only in Turkish now and you can purchase it from the stores below. One day I’ll be writing it in English and probably publish it to Amazon Kindle Store.

İlk Nokta
Kitap Vitrini
Oku Oku
Kitap Kitaba
Kitap Bilgi Otomasyonu