Interview with Upcoming ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ Author Shaun Michael Jooste

1474703111504I suggest you read this entry with the extended version of Dance with the Night Wind.

After the heartbreak with Silent Hills cancellation and hurdling through all Kojima = Silent Hill nonsense, while I was minding my business and skimming through Silent Hill subreddit, I came across Shaun Jooste’s post.

So little I was hopeful for some new Silent Hill related media, especially after outburst of P.T. clones, for something original. Something contained within its own Silent Hill universe.

And there it was. A book was being written!
Now, I’ve read the official Silent Hill 2 novel started to translate it to Turkish, I really didn’t want to have a book ‘straight from game’. This one, on the other hand, is taking on a completely new story.

Here’s the synopsis:

Trevor wakes up from another nightmare of Silent Hill just before getting a call that the police are after him following the apparent suicide of his wife, Caroline. He barely escapes with his lover Kathy and best friend Jay Nixon, the police force hot on their tail on the dark highway. During the pursuit, a mist covers the road and a strange man with a metallic object on his head causes them to crash on the outskirts of Silent Hill.

When Trevor awakens, he finds himself alone at the scene of the accident with no knowledge of where the others are. His search for them not only reveals that the town is haunted with terrifying creatures, but is also tainted with clues of Caroline’s presence. As his struggle through the misty town leads him closer to Kathy’s whereabouts, Trevor learns the truth of Caroline’s death and the link to her brother’s murder. And with this knowledge, he discovers that everyone that had a part to play in her misery has been brought together to Silent Hill to account for their sins.

In the midst of the pain and the blood stands Caroline’s mysterious guardian with the metallic stained pyramid on his head… and he is ready to exact justice for their betrayal…

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A Special Salute from Guy Cihi, Voice Actor of Silent Hill 2 – James Sunderland

Recently, my friend and team member Zia from Team From Beyond went to a very exciting event on October 4.

Guy Cihi, voice actor of James Sunderland and Dave Schaufele, voice actor of Eddie Dombrowski, both Silent Hill 2 characters, was going to have pizza in North Carolina, to make it into an event, to gather with fans…

As someone who lives in Tennessee, to go North Carolina was relatively easier for Zia, considering I reside in Turkey. But of course, I missed my London connected flight (!) so it became impossible for me to go North Carolina; however Zia said that he would get me something for surprise. I would expect something like a photo, a signed copy of something…

But I got this instead,

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