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Game Programming / Designing

Since I’m studying Computer Science in Bilkent University, Turkey; I’m more than familiar with programming and software engineering. However, I’m highly interested in Game Programming when it comes to programming.
I love making games as much as I love playing them.
I’m working at Kukla Interactive as a scenario writer at the moment.

Individually, game development, designing and programming is my passion. My works so far:



They say, when people die, if there is something to tie them to this world, a reflection of their soul will stay here. If the reason to tie them to this world is strong enough, these reflections can materialize…

White Night

What if one day, you wake up as a patient in a hospital, without any memory of yourself?
What are you going to believe? Or… Who are you going to believe?…

[PC, MAC, LIN, LINx64]

Space Bomber

Completely written in Java solely by me, Space Bomber, is a space themed Bomberman game. Some of the visuals were prepared by me, and others are credited in the game.
[PC, MAC, LIN, LINx64]

Pang Pang

Completely written in Java solely by me, Pang Pang (a reference to the Bang Bang song by Nancy Sinatra), is an imitation of legendary Pang game. Most of the visuals were prepared by me (except background images).
[PC, MAC, LIN, LINx64]

Silent Hill TR: Arcade

Silent Hill TR: Arcade, is another project written in Java, yet browser based. It is…was going to have its own scenario in arcade type using FPS angle.
Not anymore, because when my old computer failed, its all source code and materials went away, into the abyss(!) and I lost my motivation to continue this project. Everything I want to do in this project lives in other projects I completed.



Four Seasons of Potato Jack

In design stage…
[PC, iPhone, iPad]

The Story of the Curse

Under development…
[PC, Konsol?]

An unannounced project

I’m writing the scenario script…
[PC, Konsol?]

Verba Volant, Scripta Manent

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