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White Night

What if one day, you wake up as a patient in a hospital, without any memory of yourself?
What are you going to believe? Or… Who are you going to believe?…

White Night, is a total conversion mod that I used Amnesia: The Dark Descent‘s HPL2 engine and editor tools to create.

This is an old-school type thriller. Although it’s not mainly a horror game, it’ll have its scares; and will offer beautifully designed levels in an old-fashioned asylum with various puzzles to solve. You will discover what happened to David, what he did, and why the mod is called “White Night”. But, how are you going to be sure what’s been told you, or what you see is the truth?

Are you ready for our session today? Don’t worry, I’m here to heal your mind.

I started to work on White Night in December 2010 and I released it in October 2011. This mod aims to examine how immersion works in absence of some certain basic theories of game design basics; how old-school type works today; and finally how people are keen on exploration. As the sole developer, scripting, plot and design is by me.


One day, David wakes up to find himself in a hospital room. His memories are gone, and it’s a mystery how and why he got there. A woman talks to him and he open his eyes in a doctor’s office. Woman, introduces herself as Dr. Sofia and tells David that he is a criminal patient. Although David denies it, his memories cannot validate him. While slowly getting his memories back, what will David believe? More importantly, who will he believe?
You will find why the mod is called White Night in this story…

In this game, I’ve tried a different way of storytelling that heavily uses symbolism and abstract way of storytelling. To have a grasp on the story, reading all the notes and listening to all dialogues are not enough. Where you are, what you are doing, even what time it is have their important part on storytelling, everything has it meanings.


White Night is a thriller, but also a horror story. It has basically same gameplay mechanic with Amnesia: The Descent. Though, story and puzzles are more important than the fear factor. If you can’t explore, can’t read, it’s likely not for you.

Awards & Press

What did they say?

  • White Night is a favorite, it’s been in the making for quite some time and it is very nice to see a mod that has a new setting that is not Amnesia’ish. – Jens Nilsson (Frictional Games)
  • A very well written, slow burn psychological drama that will leave you guessing until the end. – ModSentry
  • It’s a whole new game. – GameFront
  • It’s one of the more impressive horror mods I’ve seen… – RockPaperShotgun
  • Fairly successful creating intrigue, suspense… – Pixel Perfect
  • Is it a mod, or a whole new game? – OyunGezer (November 2011)


You can download White Night v1.1 from the link below:

White Night Full Release v1.1

  1. hi guys, well I want to congratulate the mods amnesia white night, really Funny me much, the story is interesting, very interesting, I’m from chile and I just finished and really is one of the few games I interested in the story, I really liked a lot, the narrative, the story, the characters and everything. congratulations on a great job I LOVE YOU GUYS!

    fernando rivas 28 January '14 on | Reply
    • I’m glad you enjoyed White Night. Thank you very much for your kind words.

      Tanshaydar 28 January '14 on |

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