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PS: There was a contact form here, it’s gone now.

  1. Hello!

    I recently downloaded and played a bit of your Amnesia White Night custom story. Well done! Really nice modding and model converting.

    I wonder however, I can’t really drag out any walls that you use in your custom story into the HPL2 Level Editor. When I reach the part Walls in Static Objects or Enteties (can’t remember which one of them), there are no selectable walls there. Everything else works fine however.
    Is there any other way I have to do to get walls to work in the engine? Tried to open your maps and see what I could find but it doesn’t work when I try to use them myself.

    Any help is appriciated! Thanks!

    Andeas on 7 November '12 | Reply
    • Walls in White Night are just plain textures.

      Tanshaydar on 26 November '12 |

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