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You really want to break the cycle, don’t you?

But you cannot pay the price.

No one can…

Between her passions and lucidity in daily life, Carla finds herself entrapped within her utmost desires.
Nonetheless, a lucid dream has the potential to turn into a sleep paralysis.
One which requires a price to break…
But without joining the cycle, how can anyone break it?

Nothing to Help You?

Never had any friends to begin with, it is up to you to help others, or does vengeance sound better?

A Way to Win?

They will never let you win. They will never let you break the cycle. Or so they thought…

Team From Beyond

  1. So when are we going to know, any info about it?

    SilentBob1994 21 July '13 on | Reply
    • Actually I have something to show but the game is still in early development stages.

      Tanshaydar 26 July '13 on |
    • Do you have it on this site or some where else?

      SilentBob1994 11 August '13 on |
    • It’s not announced so there is no information anywhere. I’ll announce it when the time is right.

      Tanshaydar 17 August '13 on |

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