Finally Gave Up On ‘Asset Server’ and Now It’s Git Time

A long time ago, I posted how I wanted to be able to use versioning in development of Paralycid. I was using Unity 4.x at that time, and to be honest, even though Asset Server was not being updated for a very long time, I liked it.

“Why not Git?” no one asked. Well, I believed that Asset Server was the best way for versioning if you are using Unity3D for your project. I turned a blind eye to its fundamental issues like the need of restarting Unity every time (and I did not complain at all because 32 bit editor was reaching limit of 2.5 GB resulting crash each time).

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Paralycid Gameplay Teaser

Here’s a gameplay video from our new game, Paralycid:

We have been working on this game for a time now, and it’s matured enough for a showcase. Paralycid is a state between lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis, and story and gameplay elements feed on them.

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Amnesia-like Door & Interaction Mechanics in Unity

I see people keep asking for the same thing over and over. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was an awesome game with superb gameplay, and White Night was a success thanks to that mostly. I can see why people would like to have that mechanic in their games, but really, it has to fit in the concept.

I’ve been working on Paralycid and its gameplay for a very long time now, and this is what I have achieved with built-in Unity physics & my programming skills.

Here’s the video, sorry for the heavy breathing, I was also testing something else:

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