Tansel Altınel
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My name is Tansel Altınel. I’m an ordinary guy with extraordinary tastes.

I was born on a snowy morning of February in Bulgaria, in 1989. I came back to my homeland in 1993; and since that time I lived in different cities. I am currently residing at the capital city of Turkey. (It’s Ankara in case –likely– you didn’t know.)

I’m currently working as a CIO in an R&D Company.
Also, I am the team leader of Team From Beyond game development team.

Tansel means ‘about light, related to morning ‘. Tanshaydar is a compound, consisting Tansel and Haydar, where Haydar means warrior in Arabic, not my name though. It was just a nickname I used to use in my childhood. Tanshaydar just came up on an occasion.

‘Mind’ Book of a Madman?

Long story. You wouldn’t understand even if I explained it without knowing how this phrase came into my life, what changes it caused. Therefore, this will only make sense to a person who directed my life, a friend and a teacher, a master, a Gardener, Muzaffer Alıcı and people around me at that time. And I’m proud to say for that people, this is the spiritual continuation of T-Rex.

Work, Job, Interests…

I’m a Computer Engineer, a Game Developer, a Writer, an Aquarist.

Long story short…

I’m a stranger which you are unlikely to meet. So I am quite surprised you have been reading up to this point. You won’t recognize me if you see me in the street. But then again, I opened up a part of my world here and you’ve become my guest. I hope you are not disappointed with my hospitality.
Aside from these, if you like to know me better, you can by following my posts.
For a character analysis please make an appointment with Nostradamus…