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This 2001 French movie is from the director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
Audrey Tautou is in Amélie Poulain role, and movie can be considered mainly as a slice of life piece.

When the movie was released, it was a complete blast in France (in a good manner) and I personally like it a lot. There is a saying in Turkish, If I were to write my life down, it would be a novel, which I disagree with, because this movie is about quite an ordinary life, but how it’s told is what makes it a beauty.

As you’d know by now, I don’t really write about every movie I saw; I don’t even always write about them even if they are very good movies for me. I was thinking about writing old movies, which I saw quite some time ago; but for now it will wait. But if you are gonna ask that “if I watched a 2001 movie now?”, I’ll say yes.

I’m not offended; how many of you watched every single movie that was released between 1970-2002? Hence, this is a movie I head about, but not able to see. I was listening to its soundtrack (started around 2006), and I realized that the music I was listening to was actually a soundtrack, then I searched about the movie.

As I said above, movie is a slice of life piece; and centered around the character Amélie Poulain, who gives movie the name. I didn’t quite like the opening scenes, but the movie quickly changes its tone. Maybe it’s because it’s a French movie, but I don’t really like scenes like that if they don’t serve the story. Rest is every day life, neighbors, human relations, and romantic relations. There is not much to say as this movie, as I learned, was quite popular among young people, and it looks like as a young person at this time (I’m not even 20 yet); but a building, a grocery store under it, a café named Two Windmills, and a station, that’s all for the environment.

About how I was affected, if we remove the romantic relations from the movie, it was a nice experience. Not a shocking effect; but it brings a smile to your lips at the end, and I’d count that enough for a movie to be counted nice, right?

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