Why to Keep Design Stage Longer?

If I learned something from my college years of computer science, it is to have a design stage before every project. There are many kinds of different design patterns, and it is up to you to chose any of them; however it is essential to have this stage.
Since my programming projects and assignments in the school were quite easy for me to make, I’d often skip that stage and finish them quickly, only because I exactly knew what I need to do. However that changed with White Night.

When I was making White Night, my design stage was quite short and unpolished; and my haste resulted not only with wasted time of reworked levels and scripts, but also I had many game design mistakes in the resulted product. Regardless of being the best single player mod of 2011, White Night was an experiment, and I learned a lot from it. Especially to have a nice and long design stage.

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Feeling Like Randolph Carter

I still haven’t made an official announcement about Reflections mod, but I can start blogging about it, as I like to share my game development experience.

Reflections’ story will take place in Gemlik, Turkey. Gemlik is an harbor city, which is 14 miles away from my hometown. I’m writing my full script, which will include another different way of storytelling, and again I’ll use real locations and history as I did in White Night.

However, I’ve run into a problem where I would use Gemlik’s real history for my script. The sources on the net are not reliable, and worse, they are variable. And I thought… “Since I’m still in college, which has one of the best and biggest libraries in Turkey, why no go check it?” And that’s how all started.

I used the online search function of our library to see if there is anything I can use, anything at all. I felt lucky because there was a book about Gemlik’s history and geography. After class, I went to the library to see this book with Call Number DS51.G465 O75 1947.

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They say, when people die, if there is something to tie them to this world, a reflection of their soul will stay here. If the reason to tie them to this world is strong enough, these reflections can materialize…


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