PangPang – 2D Java Game

For this semester’s Object Oriented Software Engineering course, I needed to design and implement a 2D game. Since I know Java well, I chose Java as the language to implement and finished the project. In the end, I received a pretty good grade.

What I’ve decided for my project was a legendary Pang game imitation, which was originally created by Capcom in 1989. In the end, I couldn’t finish implementation of Sound Manager and Key Mapping for Options Manager, but I have a stable system which works pretty well as intended.

Also, I have an online highscore system, which I dare you to get to the top!
Since there are students out there who needs some example code, I decided to put source code here too.
Keep in mind that source code is far from perfect, however my implementation can be used for different kind of 2D games with little alteration. I also included Javadoc of my implementation, though most of my code has neat comments which will let you know what they are doing.

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